Sonja Meadows
Animals' Angels, Inc.  
Executive Producer

Sonja Meadows is the executive producer of the documentary Platinum Ticket’s Final Ride as well as President and Founder of Animals' Angelsan internationally operating animal welfare organization.

After finishing law school and working as an attorney for the automotive industry for some time, Ms. Meadows decided to pursue her true passion and start up an organization which focuses on documenting and exposing the abuse of farm animals.
It was during an undercover investigation in April of 2015 at the Knoxville Horse Auction that Ms. Meadows found Platinum Ticket, the gentle, grey ex–racehorse in one of the auction’s pens. Despite that fact that he had a bullet in his head and had suffered through all the evil that men had done to him, he walked right up to Ms. Meadows and nibbled on her hand.
Platinum Ticket’s plight, the complete disregard for the welfare of animals at the Knoxville Auction and the refusal of law enforcement to take any action left a deep, lasting impression on Ms. Meadows and she felt that this was a story that needed to be told.
Jeffrey Kramer
Producer / Director / Director of Photography / Editor / Narrator

Jeffrey Kramer is the producer and director of Platinum Ticket’s Final Ride. For the past 16 years he has operated his own multimedia production company called Kramer Communications. Mr. Kramer normally shoots and edits industrial films and sporting events but has a passion for producing documentaries. In December 2006, Jeffrey traveled to the Middle East to produce a documentary entitled: The Price for Paradise about Iraqi refugees and the training of the Iraqi Police and in 2009 the film won a Regional EMMY. He produced his second independent documentary entitled Tuscaloosa 911 about survivors and first responders during the catastrophic tornado that hit Alabama in 2012.

Mr. Kramer met Sonja Meadows from Animals’ Angels in August, 2011 when she hired him to produce a short video entitled: A Horse’s Nightmare. The video was created to show the cruel treatment of horses from the moment they are labeled kill horses to the last moment they are slaughtered in Canada and Mexico. The video was considered a huge success in educating the public viewed by more than half-million on YouTube. For Jeffrey, it was an introduction into the dark world of the horse slaughter industry.

This past April, Sonja asked Mr. Kramer to produce another short video about the cruel treatment of horses at the Knoxville Livestock Auction. After learning about Sonja’s investigations in Knoxville, TN., reviewing the undercover video footage and learning more about the emaciated horse with a bullet in its head, it quickly became apparent that we had to produce a documentary. That started the path of finding the backstory of Platinum Ticket and investigating what happened to him during and after he left the Auction.

Lisa Feit
Co-Producer / Script Writer

Lisa Feit is a television and documentary writer/producer with many years’ experience and numerous award-winning programs to her credit. She has worked for all the major cable networks on a number of specials and series in a wide range of subject areas.

But as much as filmmaking is her passion, Lisa is just as committed to animal welfare. This documentary is a rare opportunity to bring her two loves together. With a background in horse and dog rescue that’s resulted in several adopted pets including two wonderful horses, Platinum Ticket’s Final Ride is truly a labor of love.
It’s Lisa’s great hope that this program will reach a new audience to raise awareness about the horrors of horse slaughter and convince them to speak up for horses in jeopardy.
Matt Benda
Assistant Producer / Camera Operator /  
Sound Recordist / Colorist

Matt Benda is an award-winning post-production workflow specialist. With over fifteen years experience working in the field and edit bays, he has filled key positions such as director of photography, sound recordist, DIT and technical director. Along with having traveled and filmed in five of the seven continents, Matt has helped many companies and organizations find their vision. Some of those being The American Red Cross, The Human Rights Council, The FBI, BBC, The World Bank, International Monetary Fund, ExxonMobil, and AOL.

As a result, his work ethic and can-do attitude have awarded him various awards including an Emmy Award for Best Documentary. Matt continues to consult and work in the field following his passions.

Matt came aboard as the field sound recordist for this project after hearing Platinum Ticket’s story. Being around animals all his life, this story struck a cord with him and he knew he wanted to work on this project. Once principal photography ended, Matt assisted with the editing and then wrapped up the documentary by doing the final audio sweetening and color grading.

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